Chatting, cat pics, and other stuff

While our trusty old IRC channel does still exist, there's also now a discord server! Like IRC, it's not always active, but drop on by!


No one really likes rules, but to keep things under control (cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!) and the channel friendly for all, we have some rules set up. The current rules can be seen here on this google document.

IRC Info hosts an IRC channel on the QuakeNet server, #spawn. If you haven't been there and are unsure how to access it, use one of the following two methods to connect:

-Visit and connect using the web interface, or..
-Download and install an IRC client onto your computer (such as Hexchat for Windows/Linux or LimeChat for Mac OS) and connect to the server, with the port number 6667, and type "/join #spawn" once connected, without the quotes.

Discord Info

If you are so inclined, the permalink to the channel is here. We don't have a IRC <-> discord bot... yet, but herobrine does make the occasional appearance.


Think of it as a way to easily get a multiplayer match of, well, whatever game you like, with other Spawn friends