What is TheSpawn.net?

TheSpawn.net was originally conceived as a gathering place for any/all gamers to meet and interact with gamers from other more game/server-specific "sub"-communities. We began as a few friends who had met through the Minecraft community, but we were all "part" of different server-specific communities (i.e. Discovr, Minecrap, etc.) and we wanted a place where we could all hang out which wasn't specifically for people in our respective servers. We initially created an IRC channel simply to have a place where we could congregate and meet people from other parts of the general gaming community. Once we did that, we started to see potential for TheSpawn.net to become more than just an IRC channel where people could talk, and we started having gaming events now and then. When we started to quickly grow, we decided it would be nice to have the ability to voice-chat with other people in TheSpawn, so we also set up a mumble server, and a website linking to our IRC channel and mumble server addresses.

Since its inception, TheSpawn.net has become a community all its own, without any real push from any of us to become anything other than what it has naturally evolved into. We are very glad that other people feel about TheSpawn the way we do, and continue to make it the amazing place it is.

To join our IRC channel or mumble server, visit our web "portal" by clicking on the 'chat' link at the bottom of the page.

IRC Info

TheSpawn.net hosts an IRC channel on the QuakeNet server, #spawn. If you haven't been there and are unsure how to access it, use one of the following two methods to connect:

-Visit this http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=spawn and connect using the web interface, or..
-Download and install an IRC client onto your computer (such as Hexchat for Windows/Linux or LimeChat for Mac OS) and connect to the server irc.quakenet.org, with the port number 6667, and type "/join #spawn" once connected, without the quotes.


No one really likes rules, but to keep things under control (cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!) and the channel friendly for all, we have some rules set up. The current rules can be seen here on this google document.